Genkan Creative Staff excluduing Tim BrownGenkan Creative Bangkok Staff

Genkan Creative is now fully operational in Brisbane Australia operating our of modern offices in Milton Queensland

The office and agency previously operated from the Trendy building in Bangkok Thailand under the studio management of Timothy Patrick Brown.

There were many great staff that worked and appreciated the company in Bangkok but not all. Should you or your company require personal references for any of the staff that claim to have worked for Genkan Creative in Bangkok including Timothy Patrick Brown, Roongrat Thovicha, Tim Brown, Pankorn Klabwises,  Syd Roberts or any other in the photograph on the right please do hesitate to contact Glenn Smith, CEO of Genkan at

Timothy Patrick BrownI personally recommend attaining references before employing any staff in Bangkok and more importantly in this case as many claim skills that they do not have and this would be no doubt the case of Timothy Patrick Brown, Roongrat Thovicha and  Pankorn Klabwises. Don’t believe Linkedin profiles for persons such as Syd Roberts or Timothy Brown where job experience is filtered to hide previous positions where they have been sacked or dismissed due to indiscretions.

For more information contact contact Glenn Smith, CEO of Genkan at