Genkan Creative provides leading edge web development and graphic design for the holiday rental market. Our unique agency is strategically based in Thailand and bridges the time zones of Asia Pacific & Europe to provide our worldwide user base the best possible response. Our aim is to provide specialist internet and web design services in the holiday rental market and support our new and existing Genkan users. Our Genkan Creative staff have years of experience in the development of websites for holiday rental management. Genkan Creative is also open to undertake web development, design and marketing work for non Genkan clients.

Genkan Creative provides high end interactive templates for your holiday rental business.Using the most advanced API we can build your dream high end, interactive website while using the API to securely communicate with Genkan. Our API allows you to access all of your data for display and processing through a secure connection. Your website is fully responsive and can be accessed on every platform, desktop, tablet and mobile. Integration via API is without a doubt the most flexible option available.

Customise search functionality, property detail displays, filtering criteria, and create the perfect checkout flow to provide the ultimate user experience. Conversion friendly websites are critical to your success on the internet. You can finally build a completely customised website from start to finish that compliments your brand in every way.

Our services include

  • WordPress Custom Websites
  • Template WordPress Websites
  • Genkan API Integration
  • Custom E-mail Marketing Templates
  • Facebook APP’s – Genkan integration
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation – SEO
Genkan API


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